Needle Felted Knits:
Marrying Machine Knitting and Needle Felting

Give yourself permission to be bold . . .
and to experiment with a host of feelings, colors and textures!

From the artist herself, in the booklet's introduction . . .

"I have always been very passionate about my three favorite art forms to express my creativity . . . machine knitting, needle felting, and jewelry making. Embellishing a knit with roving is a wonderful way to transform a simply knitted garment into something magical and beautiful. Items that you never imagined could be felted into a knit, can indeed be blended in and become part of the fiber of the knitting. Sweaters, shawls, and even simple scarfs, can become amazing expressions of your creativity.

[ . . . ] So, let those creative juices flow freely, and begin to explore the wonderful world of felting on machine knits. Be guided solely by your imagination . . . and allow yourself to enjoy the process and your new artistic freedom!"

Includes fully detailed step-by-step knitting and finishing instructions and large photographs.

$12, no disks needed . . . your choice of mailed printed booklet or e-mailed PDF file


Some additional ideas from the author? How about using the techniques
from this booklet for embellishing your proudest knits or
your most eye-catching sculpture?

Shown here are lively embellishments to sweaters, scarves and capes, and free-standing sculpture and wall decor.

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