It's finally here! The long-awaited new book "marrying" machine knitting and metal smithing!
For fibre artists and creative machine knitters of all experience levels.
The only requirement? . . . Being able to dream!
The Wire Wishes Collection
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Wire Wishes . . The Only Requirement is Imagination

These two extracts from the book's Photo Gallery reflect just a few of the myriad types
of projects that this "knit-and-smith" blending technique can be used to create. Wow!

Wire Wishes . . The Only Requirement is Imagination           Wire Wishes . . The Only Requirement is Imagination
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Knittiing jewelry on all standard machines, the samples shown here and in the book, were all made on a Brother 940.
Make a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of high quality jewelry in under an hour. If you can knit, and tap the wire with a mallet,
then you can create beautiful jewlery . . and this new book will take you step-by-step. Uses 28- and 30-gauge coated
copper wire, readily available. Learn how to knit the neck chain in any size, as well as the decorative elements that
hang from the chain. The book includes instructions for necklaces, earrings and even an evening bag! Once you
earn these easy-to-follow techniques, your imagination will soar and you will be creating exquisite jewelry in no time!
The only other tools you need are wire snips and round pliers, all available in your neighborhood crafts store.

$22.00 plus $3.00 s/h per copy of the printed book
Available for $22 as an e-mailed PDF (with all color photos throughout the book)
(Easy payment through PayPal for either format)

Available soon . . . . 30-gauge wire in many of your favorite colors!

Available now:         Mallets . . . $15           The Wire Wonder Tool . . . $12
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